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How To Craft The Best Title Tags for SEO

Title tags are one of the most effective “quick win” levers you can pull for any website for higher rankings and more traffic.

How to Connect SiteSeer to Cloudflare

When you connect Cloudflare with SiteSeer, you can publish your changes instantly – without ever touching code or updating your CMS. You can also take advantage of other integrations, such as creating dynamic SiteSeer sitemaps that live on your site and are automatically updated with Google Search Console.

Using SiteSeer With Existing Cloudflare Workers

This documentation is outdated. Cloudflare now offers a feature called Service Bindings which would greatly simplify this process. However, we have not yet updated the documentation below to reflect this new feature.

How To Connect SiteSeer to WordPress

When you connect SiteSeer to WordPress, you can automatically make updates on your site, without touching any code or a WordPress editor. You’ll need to create a special application password and install our custom plugin, which you can find explained below.

Google SERP Title Report

SiteSeer's Google SERP Title report shows you titles that Google has rewritten for display in their search results. These titles differ from those defined in your title tag. Our studies show that on average, Google rewrites up to 61% of all title tags.

How to Configure Outbound Webhooks

In conjunction with services like Zapier, webhooks can be used to automatically publish changes from SiteSeer to your site.

How to Prioritize Crawl Issues and Page Speed

Instead of showing you a giant list of errors, often for irrelevant or low value content, SiteSeer organizes your opportunities by Click Potential.

Analyzing SEO Performance in SiteSeer

How do you measure the impact of your SEO work in SiteSeer?

Optimizing Internal Links

One of the most powerful features you can use in SiteSeer is the internal link audit and opportunities finder.


SiteSeer crawls its customer's websites with the following user-agent:

Prioritizing SEO Opportunities By Traffic Potential

Instead of optimizing the same keyword lists available to everyone, SiteSeer customizes SEO recommendations based on your exact Google keywords.