How do you measure the impact of your SEO work in SiteSeer?

Here's how: After a card is placed in the "Monitoring / Fully Optimized" column, SiteSeer begins to monitor the traffic to that URL against your sitewide average.

Sitewide average is a good metric to measure against because allows you to account for things like seasonality or Google algorithm changes that can impact traffic to your entire website.

Performance in SiteSeer

Clicking into any "Monitoring / Fully Optimized" page, you'll see the details to measure your SEO changes:

  1. Dates of your recent optimizations
  2. Traffic to the URL vs. your sitewide average
  3. How much your traffic has risen or fallen against your sitewide average

Most of the time, smart SEO changes can lead to positive changes in traffic. If you see a sharp decrease instead, it may mean you need to revert any title tag changes or something that didn't go as planned.

Pro Tip: SEO changes often take several weeks or longer to play out in Google search results. It's usually best to give changes a chance to "settle" before making drastic changes.