Instead of optimizing the same keyword lists available to everyone, SiteSeer customizes SEO recommendations based on your exact Google keywords.

For example, if we see you ranking #4 or #5 for a high-volume keyword (when you could easily rank #1 or #2) SiteSeer may tailor your SEO recommendations around these keywords.

This often presents huge opportunities and allows SiteSeer to do some cool things, including:

  1. Find important keywords missing in your title tags
  2. Discover relevant internal linking opportunities
  3. Analyze your anchor text
  4. Calculate the traffic potential for each of your SEO opportunities

You can see the calculated potential when you log onto the kanban board in SiteSeer:

SiteSeer Kanban Board

As you work through your optimizations, you can move cards from column to column (Not Optimized > Partially Optimized > Fully Optimized.)

When a card is in the third column (Monitoring / Fully Optimized) SiteSeer starts measuring the traffic impact of your optimizations, so you see what’s working.

SEO Traffic Impact